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Joanna's bare and pantyhose shemale feet.

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Joanna Jet

Joanna Jet is the tramssexual you always wish you had!  Imagine coming home from college to discover this beautiful tranny milf in you home to cater to your every need!  Her feet are just fucking perfect!



Free transsexual foot fetish pics from Joanna Jet .

These free galleries are just LQ samples of what Joanna Jet  has to offer!  

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Catch of the Day.

Fun in PVC.

Shemale Fetish Passion - Two Mistresses.

Ready for Night Out.

Joanna Jet's Transsexual Feet.
Free Shemale Foot Fetish Pics:
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Notes from Joanna Jet

Weekly updates each & every Friday featuring a selection of photo & video with notification of upcoming content for web site members. Photo Galleries: 70804, yes you read right, 70804 pics ranging from glamour, to softcore to full-on hardcore. All fully uncensored of course!! Also, all photosets are available for download in ZIP Format. Video Galleries: My web site features full-screen streaming and downloadable video (up to HD 1080p quality!) in a variety of formats including MP4 and WMV. As well as whole bunch of solo videos, you also get to watch out all the scenes from all of the movies in which I have directed and produced which includes my hardcore "Shemale Jet-Set" video series as well as many others!.

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