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She Sado Me

My Sissy Boyfriend

  She Sado Me.  Females dominate sissies and crossdressers with their feet!  Men in pantyhose, stockings, panties, and lingerie forced to worship the feet of their mistress.  My Sissy Boyfriend has girlfriends dominating their crossdressed boyfriends with their feet. SEE BELOW 7
Female Domination Foot Fetish with Crossdressers
Kevin doesn't question which sex is supreme. Now crossdressed he's going about his household chores while his mistress Whitney prepares some perverted treat for him. It begins with foot worshipping and trampling followed by smothering face sitting and painful wax punishment. The poor guy has to endure more of such humiliating torments before his mouth and asshole are put to test with the help of a double-headed jelly toy. When Sarah gets into her sadistic mood, Kevin is doomed to the tough sentence. Put into restraints, the guy is forced to fulfill his mistress's kinks. He's really good at foot licking and can endure trampling as a trained slave, however, he too often questions his domina's orders, so some harsh flogging will do him good. Now he's ready for Sarah's favorite painful CBT play and insertion of her pink bulbed strap-on dildo. Selma writes a book and seeks inspiration in femdom play with her eager sissified boyfriend. She rubs her bare boobs against his back and whips him insanely trying to find the right mood for the next scene. She lets him worship her feet and puts to use clover clamps and a mouth gag noting down her sensations. Foot fisting and masturbation really does it to her, but she gets even more inspiration from kinky ass-stretching exercises. This fiery redhead gets dressed for her femdom time into her mistress attire topped with a strap-on cock. Chained and kept on a leash, her 'puppy' can't wait for his well deserved punishment. Ellie and Craig start their role play with foot worshipping followed by mouth fucking, nipple clamping, waxing and severe flogging. The action inevitably ends up with deep anal penetration as the girl's strap-on loosens her sub's bunghole.

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My Sissy Boyfriend Foot Fetish
Christine is known to be a talented photographer with somewhat twisted imagination. Today she needs a sissy model for her new photo session. Dressed in an all-female outfit Lilly makes for a perfect model. He poses for her cam flashing his cute thong, sexy black fishnets and finally his rigid hard-on. Then Christine wants to make a few hot shorts with a strap-on, so Lilly kneels down to suck on it and takes it up the ass in every which way. Gloria saw a strange dream. She was clad in a hot military-like outfit while helping her sissy boyfriend Hannah to turn into a girl. He was wearing a pair of sheer stockings and a long-haired wig, and she brought him a lace trimmed nightie and some matching lacy thong. She held a crop in her arms, and her big black strap-on dildo looked very threatening, while she was plunging a butt plug into Hannah's rear before putting her dildo to use. When this kinky sissy guy is in a need of a really good fuck, he puts on one of his cute gowns, a blonde wig, high heels and plays girly. Now he's Hannah, a very submissive and obedient sissy, ready to fulfill any kink of rich and spoilt dark-haired Michelle. Hannah is getting kept on a leash and humiliated in every way possible before raw strap-on drilling of his eager throat and tight man-pussy.

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Note from She Sado Me and My Sissy Boyfriend:

She Sado Me: It's the weirdest place on the earth, so enter at your own risk, 'cause these gorgeous beauties are simply hell-bent on tormenting and humiliating every male creature they can put their hands on. If you like it a bit on the wild side, then it the very site you need. It covers almost all BDSM fetishes and pain inflicting games spicing them up with crossdressing and gender role play. You will find neither soft vanilla nor your usual SM footage here. This blend is totally original, thrilling and heady, catering to your kinkiest likings and sexual fixations. It's really something you've been waiting for. You won't have to suppress your strange desires and keep to yourself your most bizarre xxx dreams. Whatever side of the dominant line you are on, you're gonna find the kind of satisfaction you've been looking for. This site is like a good thriller, it frightens, intrigues, arouses and makes you crave for more!  My Sissy Boyfriend: Welcome to the alternative reality. We know that you secretly dream about switching roles with your girlfriend, still you've never dared to. Have you ever delved in your girl's wardrobe? Have you ever wanted to try those sexy female clothes and provoking underwear? Wouldn't you like to know what it feels like to be a girl? Wouldn't you like to try and do all those things that real girls have to do? Have you ever fantasized about being fucked by your strap-on armed girlfriend, while dressed up as a sissy and treated as a whore? You know your girl is probably willing to switch the roles too! We aren't oracles, but we know your most intimate dreams. Are you still in doubt?

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